Tarion Talks Podcast: Episode 2, Illegal Building

Welcome to our second episode of Tarion Talks. Last May, Tarion held its 2017 Annual Public Meeting and there were a number of questions about illegal building that were discussed, which led us to select illegal building as the topic for this episode.

Just what is illegal building?

Almost all new homes sold in Ontario are required by law to be built by a registered builder and be enrolled in the New Home Warranty Program administered by Tarion. Illegal building falls into two buckets:

  • When a builder or vendor who is not registered with Tarion sells a newly built home, and,
  • When a builder — even one registered with Tarion — begins construction of a new home without enrolling the home with Tarion.

All builders in Ontario must be registered with Tarion. And all builders and vendors of newly built homes must enrol the home with Tarion. But why does this matter?

Working with a registered builder is important for new home buyers for a number of reasons:

  1. It ensures buyers are aware of the warranty coverage for their new home and that they can turn to Tarion for help.
  2. Illegally built homes often do not meet Ontario Building Code standards, which means there could be safety issues.
  3. Illegal builders often ignore other laws like Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
  4. Illegal building promotes an underground economy and creates unfair competition in the building industry.
  5. Illegal builders damage the reputation of reputable, registered builders and the homebuilding industry.

In this episode, we talk more about how Tarion is combatting illegal building in Ontario and what happens to a builder who appears to be building illegally. We also share some of the warning signs that your builder may be building illegally and how to protect yourself and your home.

This episode is hosted by Laurie Stephens, Tarion’s Director of Strategic Communications. Her special guest is Tanya Gibson, Director of Enforcement at Tarion.

Tune in for our next episode this fall.