Another Tarion milestone reached: Two million homes enrolled in the warranty program

While celebrating our 40th Anniversary this year, we reached another important milestone: more than two million homes have now been enrolled in the warranty program since it first began in 1976! We think that’s extraordinary! It speaks to the pace of development in Ontario’s building industry over the last four decades; it speaks to the population growth in Ontario; and it speaks to the confidence that consumers can – and should – have when buying a new home or condominium.


By protecting more than two million new home buyers, we have provided consumers with some important peace of mind as they make what is likely the largest financial investment of their lives.

Ontario’s New Home Warranty Coverage

How do we protect new home buyers? Three ways. First, we license builders and work to ensure that they have the necessary technical, educational and financial competencies to build homes or condominiums. Second, we set standards for after-sale service and step in when that service isn’t satisfactory. And, third, we backstop the builders’ warranty on new homes. The warranty covers defects in such things as workmanship, water penetration and major structural defects, as well as deposit and delayed closing protection. If the builder cannot or will not meet their warranty obligations, we get involved.

Tarion, and the more than 230 people that currently work here, are very proud of our history of consumer protection.

40 Years of Building Confidence

The organization dates back to 1976 when a group of Ontario home builders and the Ontario Council of the Housing and Urban Development Association wanted to promote better quality housing in the province. That March, they created a private, non-profit corporation to manage a unique, industry self-insurance plan. Soon after, the Ontario government passed the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act and established a private, non-profit corporation called the Ontario New Home Warranty Program – renamed Tarion in 2004 – to provide all new home buyers in the province with warranty coverage for their new homes. It was among the first mandatory warranty programs in the country.

Since then, Tarion has evolved to keep in step with an ever-changing industry and to lead the country in new home warranty service. We have enhanced our warranty coverage as needs arose, stepped up enforcement activities and worked hard to educate both consumers and builders about the warranty program and its many benefits.

Along the way, we celebrated a number of enrolment milestones. By our 20th Anniversary in 1996, we had registered more than 800,000 new homes, and five years later, on our 25th Anniversary, we hit the one million mark. This year, our 40th birthday cake, has over two million candles on it but who knows how many our 50th anniversary cake will have?

All of us here at Tarion are very proud to play our part in building on Tarion’s legacy by delivering daily on our mandate to protect consumers.

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